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TMT Bars

We take pride in offering Shree steels FE 550D - the strongest grade in TMT so far in practice. Shree Steels Fe 550D has enhanced physical, chemical and mechanical properties as compared to the bars in other strength grades. This is achieved by highly controlled and advanced manufacturing processes with Japanese Technology manufacturing plants.

This grade of steel is produced using a technology such that it has two desirable properties simultaneously, higher strength and ductility, thereby making it most suitable for earthquake resistant structures, Higher strength is achieved by the addition of certain alloying elements, keeping the percentage of carbon lower, thereby ensuring that the steel remains sufficiently ductile.








TMT Bars

Rebars are specified and assessed for the functional point of view over mainly two dimensions – Mechanical Properties and Chemical properties. The desired mechanical e.g. strength, ductility, bendability is achieved by designing the right chemistry and controlling various rolling parameters. As part of the chemistry, any rebar necessarily contains two harmful impurities, Sulphur (S =) and Phosphorous (P) in varying levels which reduce the strength of steel in extreme hot & cold conditions. Therefore, lowering the content of these two makes the steel better. 

Ductility is the degree of plastic deformation before fracture or simply how much strain a material can hold before fracture. Extra strength is achieved by the addition of certain alloying elements, while keeping the percentage of carbon lower, which ensures the steel remains sufficiently ductile.

1. Nepal lies in a high seismic zone meaning it is prone to earthquakes. Fe 550d should be the base grade for construction and minimum requirement of elongation should be 16% for the safety of the nation. This can only be achieved by the right chemistry, homogeneity in steel and low impurities. 

2. Since two thirds of Nepal experiences cold weather conditions, the value of phosphorous must be less than 0.05% as it can lead to structure failure and also to avoid cold shortness meaning high brittleness in steel. This is only possible with the use of Fe 550d. 

3. Sulphur must be less than 0.05% which is only achievable in fe 550d. Higher Sulphur content accelerates the corrosion rate in steel and creates weaker bonding with concrete. Also, for fire resistance, the Sulphur content should be low.

TMT Bars

Unmatched Benefits of Shree Steels FE550 D

Reduction of steel Consumption

Designing Structures with Fe 550D reduces the steel consumption by 7-8% with optimization using consistent primary steel.

Reduction in bar Congestion

Using Stronger grade steel means reduction in bar diameter that results in increased bar spacing as fewer bars are needed.

Reduction in Labour cost

Using lesser steel requires less labour and saves on labour cost.

Faster construction

Less time is wasted on placing/tying of bars and less weight on cranes improves construction efficiency.

Bigger Saving

The super strength of FE 550D reduces use of steel, which in turn reduces time of construction, leading to lesser labour costs and overall getting a stronger construction at a lesser price. .It also results in increased floor Space index thus giving monetary benefit of extra space generated.

Applications of Fe550D

Due to changing application such as high rise buildings and long span structure, it has become imperative for innovative and conscientious steel makers to commercially produce Grade Fe 550D a grade vastly superior over the existing grade. 

Shree Steels Fe550D TMT, rebar has been made to import strength and superior ductility for stronger construction. This is achieved by using enhanced steel quality superior chemical properties and better rolling techniques. 


TMT Bars